Michal (Mee-haw) Kolaczkowski is a New York based performer with a passion for marketing, branding, and creative content. It all began when he studied Marketing and International Business at Michigan State University.  While getting his business degree, Michal snuck away to the theatre building where he really thrived. Following an early graduation, Michal moved to New York to pursue his acting career. He started developing this own online presence and branding, applying what he learned in college to the competitive environment of New York auditions. Managing his own website and content helped him cultivate a successful career ranging from Broadway shows, national and international tours, television series, The Metropolitan Opera Ballet, regional theatre, cruise ships, and more.

Today, Michal is a full time performer, currently dancing on Broadway in The Cher Show. He is also developing his new business, Branding for Broadway Artists, helping his fellow Broadway performers develop their brand and online presence.


"Every artist is unique, special, and has different gifts to offer. I want to embrace your individuality and create a website that reflects the best parts of your artistry."

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