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Current Special!

Branding packages starting at $600!

How it works


We will begin with a complimentary branding session via Skype due to the current state of the Corona Virus. We will cover your skills as an artist, what sets you apart, your career goals, your personal style and flair, and what you want to get out of your experience.


We will then review all the material you have accumulated (headshots, photo shoots, reels, demos, etc...) Keep in mind, in order to achieve the website of your dreams, an additional photo shoot may be necessary.  I will be happy to direct you to a photographer that fits your budget and style.


I'll create the desktop website of your dreams; A fully functioning, update-able, easy to use website will be yours. (The site developer charges around $132 annually. This will insure there are no ads and your website looks crisp and professional.) I will also provide you with a beautiful mobile version of your site, free of charge.


We'll create a social media plan for your brand. If you haven't created profiles yet, I will set them up for you, help curate your content, and get you started on reaching your audience.


Once everything is set up and looks polished, I'll provide an instructional exit course empowering you to make future tweaks and changes to your website, as well as start posting your own content on social media. This allows you to make quick updates to your site.


Of course, if you find yourself needing a major overhaul or advanced updates, I'm happy to provide those services for an additional fee. If you do not wish to run your own social media, you can also subscribe monthly and I can post on your behalf. 


Lastly, enjoy your new brand! I hope it reflects your artistry and paints you in the best light. You'll be easy to find, look approachable, and most importantly, cast-able! 

"In this digital age, Google is everyone’s best friend; when we want to learn more about something, we look it up! The same principal applies to actors. Any casting director, agent, or manager will search for an actor and expect to see information on them. Make your talent known with a personal site so you can get ahead!"

-Backstage Magazine

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